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Life After The WCG Proven!

Remember being in the Worldwide Church of God being told if you leave that "bad things will happen to you". You will no longer be blessed, you are in the bonds of Satan, forfeited your salvation, blah,blah,blah! Again it is has been proven over and over again (may there be more examples to come when people have the good sense to leave what is left of the WCG and it's ever fragmenting splinters) that there is LIFE after the Worldwide Church of God and other off-shoots. George T. Geis was a minister in the Worldwide Church of God was ousted in the mid 1980's. The Ambasador Report by the late John Trechak (not Gavin's Ambassador Watch) explains:
At the end of 1984 there appeared on the shelves of Vroman's bookstore in Pasadena a new book of major interest to some in the WCG hierarchy. The Firm Bond (Linking Meaning and Mission in Business and Religion) by Robert L. Kuhn and George T. Geis, and published by Praeger, explores "the ways in which business could adopt the techniques and outlooks that enable some religious groups to obtain an unparalleled degree of commitment from their adherents." (Quotes are from their book and book jacket.)
The authors analyze the problem of commitment - both corporate and personal - and suggest ways in which commitment is either built or broken. To buttress their arguments they rely heavily on anecdotes. It was these anecdotes, apparently, that caused rumblings at WCG headquarters in Pasadena. For while the book nowhere mentions the WCG by name, both Kuhn and Geis have had a long relationship with the Armstrong organization, and many saw in their pseudonymous examples the WCG with all its corporate and human failings.
Within a few weeks of the book's appearance Geis was forced to resign from his Ambassador College position and the WCG ministry. It was the WCG's loss. Geis was one of the few Ambassador College faculty members possessing truly outstanding academic credentials.
Besides a B.A. in theology from Ambassador College, Geis received a B.S. in mathematics (summa cum laude) from Purdue University, a Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Southern California, and an M.B.A. from the Graduate School of Management at UCLA, where he is also a Postdoctoral Scholar. He is currently "Research Coordinator at the Center for Human Research Management, Institute of Industrial Relations, the University of California at Los Angeles."
Kuhn's credentials are equally impressive. Besides a B.A. in theology from Ambassador College, Kuhn holds a B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) in human biology from Johns Hopkins University; a Ph.D. in neurophysiology from the Department of Anatomy and Brain Research Institute of the University of California at Los Angeles; and an M.S. (Sloan Fellow) in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was also a research affiliate in psychology. He is the author of a number of books on management and currently holds positions with the University of Texas and New York University. He has been disassociated from the WCG and Ambassador College since the late seventies.
Over the years, the WCG and Ambassador College have been able to draw many men of intellect and talent. Unfortunately, the Armstrong organization has rarely been able to hold on to those same individuals. It would be difficult to find another organization with such a pronounced "brain drain" problem. Those running the Armstrong organization might do well to ponder the lessons found in The Firm Bond.
The brain drain continues right 'til this day in the 2000's even with the new evangelical Worldwide Church of God and it's recent cultic splinters. Where's Dr. Geis today? Well he's at UCLA Anderson School of Management as an Adjunct Professor. Here is the link at
http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/x1962.xml explaining this man's curriculum vitae. Still impressive, isn't it? For those in the XCG's who want to be free, do not let the threats and lies of leaving the totalitarian group conquer you. It is time to be victorous and make a bold move. There is LIFE after the Worldwide Church of God and/or it's splinters. This is one more case and many more to come!


GASP! Felix, did you notice that Dr Geis forgot to list his AC degree under his educational qualifications. Must be an oversight ;-)


Oversight??? Naaahhh!!! He knows darn well that his AC degree was a waste and it deserved to be thrown in the garbage can! I don't blame him either! LOL!!!

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